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 Banks Monster Exhaust and AEM Brute Force Air Intake

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PostSubject: Banks Monster Exhaust and AEM Brute Force Air Intake   Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:24 pm


New kid on the block here....wanted to share some info.

Recently installed an AEM Brute Force cold air intake system with a throttle body spacer and a Banks Monster Exhaust stainless steel cat-back system on my 06 Rubicon. The difference is amazing.

The throttle response is smooth and the lag at idle is completely gone. Exhaust tone is throaty but not obnoxious. Gas mileage has improved too; went from 14 mpg to 18 mpg on my last trip over the mountain on Hwy 33. Power and torque gains are not huge but noticeable (guessing 15 - 20 hp and about the same for ft/lbs. of torque).

Picture of AEM kit installed:

Exhaust video - turn on speakers:

Pictures of rig:

Installation was a breeze and fitment was good on both kits.

Total out of pocket expense for both kits was under $600. However, I wanted the exhaust to be a factory-type install so, I discarded the exhaust clamps and spent another $45 to have a muffler shop weld it up solid.

Overall, I'm pleased and think it was well worth the investment.
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Banks Monster Exhaust and AEM Brute Force Air Intake
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